Welcome to The National Collegiate Choral Organization

Official Duties and General Responsibilities of Officers


  • Set agendas and preside during conference call meetings
  • Provide leadership and help to other officers re: tasks
  • Perform tasks that are not covered by other officers
  • Arrange for plaque for Honorary Life Members
  • Communicate with Choral Journal re: advertising
  • Open and close conferences

Vice President

  • Organize committees for confernece application review
  • Plan social event at the conference
  • Field questions regarding the conference from web-mail
  • Serve as communicator with the National Board Representatives
  • Assist the other officers as necessary
  • Announcements at the conference


  • Monitor the membership of the national board from each state; update and replace as needed
  • Write to the national board membership at least annually regarding their recruitment efforts in their respective states
  • Prepare the program book for the national conference that ends their “elect” status and begins their term as president
  • Travel to the site of the national conference in preparation for the meeting
  • Alert the national board of the expected board meeting with accompanying reports that are due at the national conference
  • Conduct the screening process for performing ensembles at the national conference for which they prepare the program book
  • Email to the membership the fees and print requirements for advertising in the program book
  • Email and snail mail notices to perspective advertisers concerning the fees and print requirements regarding advertisements in the program book (list to be compiled and maintained by the webmaster)


Regular Duties

  • Process membership checks  and deposits.
  • Send Receipts for membership.
  • Maintain up-to-date spreadsheet of account.
  • Write checks for incidental expenses (website, ACDA advertising, CMS mailings, etc. . .).
  • Prepare documents for Internal Revenue Service to maintain 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt status.

Conference Specific Duties

  • Organize committee to select presenters.
  • Arrange hotels and transportation.
  • Coordinate exhibits, including:
  • Announce exhibits
  • Securing company to handle exhibit area.
  • Exhibit area breakfast
  • Placement of exhibitors.
  • Coordinate literature, including:
    • Contact potential music suppliers to help with securing print cost copies.
    • Order all music.
    • Arrange reading packets where possible.


  • Maintain current database of membership
  • Send out emails to membership as needed
  • Report and document all meetings of officers and at board meetings
  • Post notices to the webpage through the webmaster
  • Create and maintain application forms for conferences
  • Keep record of email correspondence among officers et al.
  • Create and keep copies of minutes of all meetings
  • Work closely with treasurer concerning payment of dues
  • Send email reminders to membership about dues and expirations
  • Help officers with needed forms, correspondence, email addresses, etc.
  • Read through past minutes to make sure that action items were accomplished