Farewell Friends


I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to the entire NCCO membership for the opportunity to serve as your Chief Editor of Publications for the past five years. I am grateful for the work of every author, composer, editorial board member, associate editor, contributor, poster session presenter, reviewer, sponsor, and national board member I had the opportunity to serve in this unique role. Further, and of equal importance, I want to recognize every single individual that had the courage to put themselves out there and submit materials to the organization for peer-review in any and all circumstances.

Meaningful engagement remains the foundation of any successful enterprise and a willingness to take risks, and manage them accordingly, speaks volumes about the caliber of human beings that comprise our membership and leadership. I cannot express enough my thanks to every executive board member I have worked with over the years. I can assure your their exceptional commitment expertly guides organizational decision-making, for everyone’s benefit, and no decision is made without extensive consultation.

To close, I will offer this single additional charge.  Please strive to always encourage and support everyone and anyone you may encounter in this profession in every possible way. I certainly would not have imagined the level of national opportunity I would be afforded in this role, especially coming from a small liberal arts institution in the upper Midwest, and I definitely grew exponentially from the experience. People helped me and therefore I was able to help others. It's just that simple.  As you may know, I am at the beginning of a new career in the financial services industry representing an outstanding Fortune 100 company, New York Life, and it may or may not surprise you I have already found common ground in this respect when it comes to human relationships regardless of the circumstance. Doing right by others is the way forward.

My best to you all,


Sean M. Burton, D.M.A.
Agent, New York Life Insurance Company
Former Chief Editor of Publications,
National Collegiate Choral Organization
Phone: 712-202-8672
E-mail: sburton01@ft.newyorklife.com