The National Collegiate Choral Organization
7th Biennial National Conference

Call has Closed
This call has closed. Please see the Selected Presenters section of the conference page to learn which applications were selected.

Call for Choral Performances

The National Collegiate Choral Organization (NCCO) invites applications for collegiate choirs to perform at the 7th Biennial Conference, November 2–4, 2017, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Choirs will be considered for performances in the categories described below. Performance length will be a maximum of 25 minutes, except for extended works. The musical quality of the ensemble’s performance and the proposed program will be weighted equally in the selection process. Choirs may not perform at consecutive NCCO conferences.

The committee is looking for proposed programs that consist of existing standards of choral literature, plus lesser-known works. Applicants are encouraged to be creative in their programming, to present repertoire that can be performed by a variety of collegiate choirs, and to focus on more than just the most modern compositions.

Suggested Performance Categories

  • Historical periods
    Repertoire from a specific period like the 18th century
  • Thematic
    • music by a single composer
    • music representing a specific country, region, language
    • music set to texts by a specific poet
    • music set to texts representing a particular topic
  • Extended works
    the performance of a complete or abridged extended choral or choral/orchestral work

Programming Ideals of NCCO

Through comments gathered from previous NCCO conferences, it is clear that our membership has consistently and strongly articulated a clear preference for NCCO presentations of the entire choral canon.  The founders of NCCO envisioned performances and programs that present choral repertoire of the masters, have a unified theme, and/or present premieres of newly composed full-length pieces. This ideal has been and continues to be a desired core value of the NCCO experience and is actively supported by our membership.

All applications for NCCO performance invitations consider the quality of the performance as provided in the application recordings but the proposed overall thematic program is at the center of any invitation to perform at a NCCO Conference. Equal and careful consideration is given to every ensemble’s application accord to these ideals.

To Apply

Please read all the following information carefully to assist you in the application process. Each applicant should submit:

  1. Recordings consisting of four selections, including two selections from the current academic year and two from the previous year.
    Recordings must be from live concert performances. You must apply for specific types of performances (see suggested categories and guidelines above and again, below). The repertoire on your recording must include at least one example of music from the categories for which you wish to be considered (i.e. include a work from the 18th century if you wish is to be considered for a performance in that category). 
  2. Proposed program in the category of your first choice including titles, composers and total duration.
    Programs are not to exceed 25 minutes in length, except in the case of complete performances of major works. Conference performances must feature the same music that is proposed on this application. Any changes require the approval of NCCO.
  3. Letter of acknowledgment from the Music Administrator of your institution acknowledging permission for the conductor and choir to appear on the conference program
    A PDF of an email or a PDF memo on letterhead will suffice
  4. Your consent and agreement, as conductor of the ensemble, to the “Visual/Audio Images Release” (see page 3 of the PDF version of this call)
  5. Application fee of $40.00 paid online

Deadline: All materials must be submitted by April 15, 2017, 11:59p CST.

Notification: Results will be announced by June 1, 2017.