The National Collegiate Choral Organization
7th Biennial National Conference

Call has Closed
This call has closed. Please see the Selected Presenters section of the conference page to learn which applications were selected.

Call for Interest Sessions

The National Collegiate Choral Organization (NCCO) invites applications for interest session that explores a specific topic of interest. This session may include a colleague from the choral field, from one’s own department, from another discipline outside of music, or a composer who would be assisting in the overall presentation of the topic. Sessions will be either 30 or 45 minutes in length and can include live choral performance (either by bringing one’s own choir or using the assembled audience).

Sessions should focus on exploring topics of interest to the general membership of NCCO, and can take a variety of forms including (but not restricted to) lecture, lecture recital, or open rehearsal. NCCO sessions strive to include choral works and topics appropriate for college (two– and four-year) and university choirs of varying sizes, voicing, and levels of ability.

To Apply

Each applicant should submit:

  1. An abstract of the proposed session
  2. A CV for each presenter
  3. If including additional presenters (a colleague or live performance), a description of their inclusion
  4. If proposing to bring your choir, MP3 recordings of the choir
    Include two selections from the current academic year and two from the previous year
    Recordings must be from live concert performances

Deadline: All materials must be submitted by April 15, 2017, 11:59p CST.

Notification: Results will be announced by June 1, 2017.