Webinar Archive: S1W3
Remote Lessons and Gesture
Ideas for teaching conducting students virtually
30 March 2020 — Compiled by DR. MARK NABOLZ, Chief Editor of Publications

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About the Webinar

NCCO gathers panelists from around the country to discuss the rapidly-evolving ways that conducting is taught remotely. They address topics ranging from individual lessons to group seminars, the use of recordings, recitals, and various approaches to grading. Panelists also address some software tools currently used to connect teacher and student, speaking specific strategies and technologies. The webinar concludes by considering how we can continue to provide the appropriate emotional support for our students, our families, and ourselves.


Matthew Ferrell, moderator
Treasurer, NCCO
Director of Choral Activities & Professor
St. Cloud State University

The Panel

Caron Daley
Director of Choral Activities & Assistant Professor
Duquesne University

Jeffrey Douma
Yale School of Music

Deanna Joseph
Director of Choral Activities & Associate Professor
Georgia State University

Nicole C. Lamartine
Director of Choral Activities & Professor
University of Wyoming &
UC Santa Barbara (Fall 2020 Sabbatical)

William Powell
Director of Choral Activities & Professor
Auburn University