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Writing and Publishing
Maximizing “home time” to further your career
10 April 2020 — Compiled by DR. MARK NABHOLZ, Chief Editor of Publications

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About the Webinar

Our normal routines have been disrupted by stay-at-home orders, and unstructured time can easily go to waste. Why not use some of that time to finish the article, chapter, or choral arrangement you couldn’t find time for before, and send it off to a publisher? Join our panel and your colleagues to discuss and share resources in another discussion in the NCCO Webinar Series, “Writing and Publishing: Maximizing ‘home time’ to further your career.”


Mark Nabholz, moderator
Chief Editor, NCCO
Director of Choral Activities & Associate Professor
Mississippi College

The Panel

Amanda Bumgarner
Editor, Choral Journal
American Choral Directors Association

Sean Burton
Former Chief Editor of Publications
National Collegiate Choral Organization

J. Brooks Kuykendall
Musicologist & Music Department Chair & Professor
University of Mary Washington

Mark Lawson
ECS Publishing Group

Dale Trumbore

Summary, Resources, & Video