Webinar Archive: S1W7
Onward, We Lead
Inspiring our singers, students, & staff through adversity
15 April 2020 — Compiled by DR. MARK NABOLZ, Chief Editor of Publications

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About the Webinar

In addition to our roles as performers, educators, and musicians, conductors also take on the role of leader and all that this mantle entails. In these challenging times, our singers and students look to us not just for musical guidance, but for inspiration, reassurance, and clarity as well. How can we best wear these multiple hats while also charting a course for those we lead amid our own uncertainty and questioning? How do we help to inspire at a time when the need for many is extreme and even dire? This panel will explore these questions and more, drawing on the expertise of some of our profession’s most stalwart leaders and administrators.


Dominick DiOrio, moderator
President, NCCO
Associate Professor
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

The Panel

Karen Brunssen
National Association of Teachers of Singing

Catherine Dehoney
President & CEO
Chorus America

Eileen M. Hayes
College Music Society

Tim Sharp
Executive Director
American Choral Directors Association

Summary, Resources, & Video