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Virtual Choirs in Higher Education

NCCO Releases a Position Paper, June 2020

The National Collegiate Choral Organization (NCCO) proudly shares their most recent position paper: Virtual Choirs in Higher Education. The document, along with a Summary for Administrators, was prepared by NCCO’s Task Force on Ensembles in the Collegiate Curriculum, Joey M. Martin, chair; Nicole Aldrich, principal author.

NCCO Partners on COVID-19 Study

A Coalition of Performing Arts Orgs Joins Together

The National Collegiate Choral Organization (NCCO) is a proud partner in a coalition of performing arts organizations that have joined forces to commission a study on the effects of COVID-19 and our return to our rehearsal and performance spaces. Specifically, the study will examine aerosol rates produced by wind instrumentalists, vocalists, and actors, and determine how quickly those aerosol rates accumulate in a space, so that we can have more information when caring for the health and safety of our musicians. Learn more.


Speak Your Mind & Help Steer NCCO

Nearly every corner of our world changes daily as we adapt to new realities and opportunities. The choral world is no different and NCCO stands ready to respond and lead a way forward.

People in the college & university choral community are encouraged to speak their mind and help the NCCO officers lead the way and ensure that #ChoirIsNotOver!

Please, take a moment to fill out this survey. Let us know how you can help out and what we should prioritize.

The Choral Scholar

The Spring 2020 issue of the NCCO’s peer-reviewed scholarly journal The Choral Scholar, Vol. 9, No. 1, is now available in PDF format. Check the contents of this edition to view and download.

New Fund Announcement

The Marguerite L. Brooks Commissioning Fund for New Choral Music

The National Collegiate Choral Organization proudly announces the public phase of a fundraising campaign to support the Marguerite L. Brooks Commissioning Fund for New Choral Music. This fund will support the creation of new musical works, hereafter known as NCCO Marguerite L. Brooks Honorary Commissions, which shall also receive their world premiere performances at our biennial conferences. Learn more about the fund, about Professor Brooks, and please consider a gift today.

NCCO Webinars

Season One Concludes

Responding while details continually shift, NCCO presented its first series of webinars this spring. The 7-part series, titled Collegiate Choral Music During the Coronavirus Pandemic, came into being just as our semesters turned upside down, rehearsals and concerts were cancelled, and our teaching moved online. Each discussion considers an aspect of the shifting profession and hopes to offer resources and strategies to move forward successfully.

As each of us continue to respond to the situation, NCCO stands as a force for connection and learning; you aren’t alone. We encourage our members to continue learning through the Series 1 Archive. We also invite you to contact us with any suggestions for future webinars… we’re just getting started!


Panelists discuss the role of community before the pandemic and how to retain it in a world with “social distancing.” This topic and others were discussed on Zoom in Togetherness is Not a Course Objective, a webinar from March 2020.